Transcribing Family Published Works To Ancestry

Published October 17, 2012 by Steve Watts #

One of the interesting things Julie has been faced with is putting previously published Family Histories onto It is often amazing how accurate even the older works can be, and perhaps more interesting to consider all of the work which must have gone into making it so… She hasn’t transcribed that many complete Histories, but she has done significant portions, and those tend to be surprisingly correct relative to currently available records. Understand that the older works particularly had to be done “the hard way.” They didn’t have ancestry and other online tools that are starting to spoil Genealogists. There are still many more of these histories out there, and we’d like to suggest that families who care about specific histories bring them to genealogists to place online. The process of placing these histories online and performing basic fact checking can result is some relatively quick and productive research avenues to pursue. This can sometimes result in dramatic progress, and often clarify many lingering questions.

We’d love to help anyone with this process, so give us a call.