Have You Given Up On Your Ancestry Tree?

Published September 22, 2012 by Steve Watts #

Can you tell yet that Julie and I are very big into Family History? Well, we are. I like it, and am quite capable, but Julie REALLY enjoys it. Her large tree puts her in touch with and provides collaboration opportunities with people from all across the US and sometimes around the world. She helps a lot of people in the course of her research, and in the process they help her as well. I call the progress made in Genealogy Tools fairly recently (past 20 years or so) profound. Unfortunately, it’s not always a simple matter to take advantage of these tools and get to the point where progress is being made where you desire.

This brings me around to the original question. Have you tried to build a tree - primarily on ancestry.com, but there are other places - and abandoned the effort for some reason? We’ve encountered several people in this situation, and typically Julie can either get them jump started and back on track or just do it for them. While it is possible that your dead end is just a - well - dead end, it is also possible that some adjustments in your approach and a new perspective can get you back on the right track. It’s also possible - although it’s hard for us to imagine (joke alert) - the you want the family history, but simply don’t like the pursuit. We can definitely help here.

Whatever your situation, we hope you will contact us here at refamily.com and give us the opportunity to provide the assistance you need.